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We run many yoga workshops throughout the year and they are a great place to deepen your practice. From our senior teachers to visiting teachers, our workshops are an experience not to be missed.


Mira Mehta – “Yoga & Healing” course

Mira Mehta, highly esteemed yoga expert, returns to CHYS for unique week course focusing on Yoga and Healing. Lasting 6-days, Monday 7th to Saturday 12th August, participants will learn about the principles of yoga therapeutics, giving explanations from Yoga’s sister science Ayurveda, and show how these principles apply in practise.


Further details:

  • Monday – Friday: session (a) 10:30-1pm, and session (b) 2:15-4:45pm
  • Saturday only: session (a) 12:30-3pm, and session (b) 4:15-6:45pm


Monday 7 August

Health & Disease: Yoga & Ayurveda Perspectives
  • In this session definitions of health and disease are examined. This includes a discussion of body tissues and functions and how to optimize these. The practical part looks at how to harmonise these tissues during asanas.


The Tools of Yoga
  • In this session the wide range of practices, methods and techniques encompassed by Yoga is examined. Different asanas have different benefits and techniques help to target these.

Tuesday 8 August

The Vital Sites of the Body
  • Ayurveda identifies vulnerable areas of the body; Yoga practice can use this knowledge in order to gain mastery of asanas.
Joint Problems
  • This session covers how to deal with strains and injuries to various joints.

Wednesday 9 August

Physiological Energies (1)
  • This session deals with the three physiological energies (doshas) of the body and how Yoga practice helps to balance them.
Back Problems
  • This session explains the different treatment of simple back problems compared with severe ones.

Thursday 10 August

Physiological Energies (2)
  • This session looks in detail at the effect of different asanas on the three physiological energies of the body.
Organic Problems
  • This session looks at the body organs and how to enhance their functioning through Yoga.

Friday 11 August

Pain & Its Management
  • This session explains the manifestation of pain and how to deal with it through Yoga.
Systemic Problems
  • This session looks at the physiological systems of the body and how Yoga practice can act on them to improve their functioning.

Saturday 12 August

Principles of Treatment
  • This session explains how different methods of treatment are appropriate for different conditions.
Psychological Problems
  • This session looks at some psychological afflictions and how to help them through Yoga.




Patrick Costello – Yoga for Healthy Bodies

A series of workshops focusing on how we can use yoga to help alleviate pain, and how we can modify our practice to deal with the common causes of injury.

  • x3 sessions: Sundays 9th, 16th & 23rd July
  • July 9 = Neck & Shoulders
  • July 16 = Lower Backs & Hips
  • July 23 = Knees & Wrists
  • 1 – 3:30pm (2.5 hrs)
  • $150 for full series – book online now
  • $60 casually


Marina Jung – Teacher Development 2017

One Sunday each term in 2017, Marina Jung will be running a workshop for certified teachers who wish to deepen their understanding of yoga Asanas that are part of the Introductory and Junior Intermediate Level 1+2 syllabus.


The schedule for 2017 is:

  1. Sunday 19th February [completed]
  2. Sunday 23rd April [completed]
  3. Sunday 18th June [completed]
  4. Sunday 27th August
  5. Sunday 15th October
  6. Sunday 26th November


Each Sunday will consist of

  • 10am to 12noon Led practice
  • 1pm  to 4pm Teaching and practice
  • 4.30 to 5.30pm Pranayama
  • Total of 6 hours each Sunday workshop



  • $180 single casual attendance
  • $480 for 3 sessions
  • $900 for all 6 sessions
  • Click here to book online now


Content / aim

Exploration of the next level of Asanas from the Junior Intermediate Level 1+2 syllabus. Improve your teaching skills, observation skills and how to make appropriate adjustments. Teachers will work together in small groups. We will be looking at the different types of Pranayama’s as per syllabus and how to teach what to whom and when.


Marina Jung holds a Junior Advanced teaching certificate, and has been assessing on various assessment committees from Introductory to Junior Intermediate 3 over the last 13 years across Australia. Marina has taught at Clifton Hill Yoga studio since 2007, teaching classes of all levels and runs Teacher Training courses. Marina is the senior teacher at Clifton Hill Yoga Studio.

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