Life can be quite challenging and demanding. Living in a fast pace world of technology, family, friends, work, sport, study and time to relax, and recharge is a dynamic balance we all face. During natural sleep body and mind tranquilize and our nervous system restores. Yet we can question, is that enough to remain healthy and vital in the long term?

Weekly class time

  • Wednesday 7:30 – 9pm with Vaughan
  • Saturday 4 – 5:30pm with Rita


What do we do in Restorative Yoga?

  • Focus on holding asanas longer (with or without support)
  • Moving from the outer shape to experiencing the asana from within; from doing to undoing and being
  • Understanding the various effects of prop use on body, mind and emotional intelligence
  • Exploring the effects of different props in asanas
  • Breathing into the steadiness of the pose and connecting to subtleties
  • One moves beyond individuality so energy can flow undisturbed without any outer distractions; we allow Citta – consciousness – to reconnect from stillness within


Benefits of Restorative yoga:

  • Nourishes the central nervous system
  • Regulates the breath, blood pressure and heart rate
  • Releases muscles, stress and discomfort or pain
  • Creates hormonal equilibrium
  • Enhances emotional stability and cultivates positive mindset
  • Improves digestive health
  • Increases immune strength
  • De-stresses physically, mentally and emotionally
  • Can help to cope with stress, fatigue, loss, headaches, sleeplessness, anxiety, and depression


Restore & Renew classes are attended on a casual basis using a standard class pass. They are also part of the free bonus attendance deal with the Level 1 courses. All levels of yoga ability are welcome, but those new to yoga are encouraged to attend a Beginners 10-week course before attending any other classes at the studio.