Vaughan Allan

Vaughan has participated in Iyengar Yoga since 1995 and has taught since 2003. Vaughan expresses his Yoga experience as follows:

“I love the Yoga process… a slow cooker of transformation. The observation of effort, placement, balance, lengths, widths, thoughts, emotions, and reverence to existence. From my teens into the twenties I lived an out-of-body life, activities that involved an outward reach of energy and response.  The Yogic process changed this to more inverted awareness. Over time the yoga process has challenged my values, me physically, emotionally and mentally, and has rewarded me with courage, clarity, insight, and nurtured my existence.

There is a great Yoga community, which is expanding every year. My ongoing pursuit of understanding the relationship of body, mind and existence, is to be shared and nurtured in the students who attend my sessions – from gross alignments to the subtle reflections on emotions – the Yoga process reveals and heals the fluctuations. Knowledge is powerful… the transformation of that knowledge can be eternal.