We have the following options for online classes.

Option 1 – live streamed classes as follows:

“Zoom” classes can only be viewed at the time – they are interactive and live only.

    • We run the following weekly online classes:
      • Monday 6pm Level 2 class with Tim – live streamed via Zoom online
      • Friday 4:30pm General Led Practice with Vaughan – recorded via Zoom
      • Sunday 10am Pranayama with Tim – live streamed via Zoom online


Option 2 – Content Library of classes filmed during the first lockdown

There is a library of 80 previously filmed classes available online through PunchPass. These classes can be viewed an unlimited number of times. They were filmed during the first 13-week Covid-19 closure from 23 March to 22 June 2020, by Marina, Tim, Vaughan, Rita, Michelle and Aurora.

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