A class to prepare students for a Transition to Level 2. In it we will introduce a wider array of inversions and postures. As we progress in yoga some of the postures are difficult to access. This can seem daunting when you are new to the level – we’re unsure of what to do when we can’t do. The class is about giving students an understanding of how to approach these new postures. So when they attend L2 classes they understand what their particular method will be.

Transition to Level 2 course – can be attended on a casual basis 🙂

  • Tuesdays @ 7:30pm with Tim
  • Thursdays @ 6pm with Rita
    • For those who have completed a Level 1 course
    • Will continue learning the basic foundations of yoga – Asanas
    • Will be taught shoulder stand
    • Taught as an 11-week course and can be attended casually
    • $210 for 11-weeks
  • Term 3 starts Monday 15 July

BONUS OFFER – when booking into the course

  • FREE additional 5-classes for use at Level 2 casual classes (value $115)
  • For use within the 10-week course only
  • The bonus 5-classes active during the term only.
  • Total attendances available = 15 classes for $210
Level 2 classes are taught for 1-hour and 30-minutes. Casual attendance is accepted at all Level 2 courses, which run for 10-weeks each Term.