Beginner courses (11-weeks) – new courses start on Monday 15 April 🙂


Our Beginner courses (10-weeks) run as follows:

  • book for one course class and attend the same class each week for 10-weeks
  • also gain free attendance at 5 more Beginner classes to be used during the term only
    • effectively these classes are our ‘make-up’ system, whereby you can use them to make-up for missed course classes
    • they are only valid during the term and expire at the end of the course series
  • cost is $190 for 10-course classes and 5-bonus Beginner casual classes
  • Beginner course classes can be also attended on a casual basis ($22 per class)


In Iyengar Yoga we hold the poses longer and focus on correct alignment and body position. Our fundamental philosophy is that yoga should support your life.