Level 1 courses (11-weeks) – new courses start Monday 15 April


Level 1 – course & casual

  • For those who have completed Beginners, have done some yoga before, or are returning to yoga.
  • Will continue learning the basic foundations of yoga – Asanas. Will be taught supported shoulder-stand.
  • Taught as an 10-week course ($210).
  • Bonus 5-classes for attendance at Level 1 casual classesRestore & Renew (Weds @ 7:30pm & Saturdays @ 4pm)
    • effectively these classes are our ‘make-up’ system, whereby you can use them to make-up for missed course classes
    • they are only valid during the term and expire at the end of the course series
  • Casual attendance $25 per class.


“Your body is the child of the soul. You must nourish and train your child.”