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On teacher training

I joined the TT program at CHYS in 2015, under Marina Jung’s steady watch. It seemed fitting to be in a place that held many memories, like my first ever yoga term with Vaughan Allan, or my first taste of inversions … Continue reading

A Home Away From Home: Guruji You Are Here

I will always remember that April 2015 afternoon when my friend Sue Drummond brought me to visit Clifton Hill Yoga Studio. The memory of entering the studio is still very fresh in my mind. What struck me the most was … Continue reading

Guest Post: Why (and how) I chose this Melbourne yoga school

Below is a guest blog post by Dr Stuart McGill. He’s a long term, direct debit yoga student at Clifton Hill Yoga School. Let’s know if you have a guest blog post you’d be happy for us to publish here. … Continue reading

Geetaji, do you know how much we love you?

Reflections on Geetaji’s 70th birthday convention, Yoganasasanum held at the Balewadi Stadium, Pune in India, from 1 December 2014 to 10 December 2014. This blog is how I interpret the convention at one point in time. My thoughts may change … Continue reading

Yoga is about showing up

Yoga isn’t about our lifestyle, our beliefs, our weight, our diet, our flexibility, how spiritual or enlightened we are—yoga is just about showing up and doing our dance on our mats. Yoga doesn’t care what your hair looks like. Yoga … Continue reading

Trial by Fire! The Iyengar Assessment Process

I recently saw the excellent film “Whiplash”, which documents a fictional account of the trials of becoming a professional musician in New York City. At one point the conductor, the chief antagonist of the film, comments that telling a professional … Continue reading

How to begin your home practice

So you love yoga? You’ve been absorbed and captivated by it. Your teacher keeps telling you that you need to start practising at home, that this is what it’s all about. Summer’s coming and you’ll have more time. You want … Continue reading

From the yoga mat and into life

Many of Clifton Hill Yoga Studio’s yoga students are taking the art of yoga into their daily lives. You may be one of them. Yoga teaches us skills of observation, compassion, self-care, non-judgement and clarity. These are skills that come into … Continue reading

Yoga boosts brain power in the elderly

Practicing hatha yoga three times a week can improve sedentary adults’ performance on cognitive tasks that are relevant to everyday life, a promising study indicates. The study involved 108 adults between ages 55 and 79 years; 61 of them attended … Continue reading

Iyengar and the Invention of Yoga

In contemporary yoga classes, teachers often speak of Patanjali’s “Yoga Sutras,” a philosophical text compiled around two thousand years ago, as the wellspring of the practice. This requires an imaginative leap, because the yoga sutras say next to nothing about … Continue reading

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